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Mobile Notary Service - Sikeston MO

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A mobile notary service such as we provide is of particular usefulness these days to provide witness and attestation to a range of documents if one is or is having to deal with a real estate broker, bank, attorney or doctor(s). We cover Scott County including the Sikeston area, as well as Perry, and Bollinger Counties and have undergone all the required background checks as well as being bonded and carrying errors & omissions insurance.

Nowadays when there’s a lot of competition out there when it comes to obtaining a mortgage or refinancing a home, many people will opt to go with an online or non-local lender. In cases like these, services such as we provide are a very convenient and cost-effective way for both parties to finalize their arrangements because the mobile notary public can simply travel to the borrower's preferred location, and then all the necessary documents can be reviewed and signed within the comfort of the borrower's home or office. This way, the disruption to the borrower's day is minimal, and the lender saves money on the wages and travel expenses that would have been required for an employee of the lender to come out and handle the closing.

There are many other situations where my services can be used including trusts, deeds, wills, certain medical documents and so on. If you’re unsure as to whether you need a notary call or email and I’ll be happy to reply whether you reside in Sikeston or it’s surrounding area and counties. 

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